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Preparation for the Discernment


Becoming a Spiritual Director

Three Year Training Program in the Art of Spiritual Direction

Many men and women active in Church ministry today are being asked to listen and to be present to those in need. Whether the need to be one of listening or one of presence, the contemplative heart is what gives us the awareness needed to be able to listen and to respond to the person’s desire to get to know Jesus. You are invited to discern your call to be a Spiritual Director.

We sponsor a three year process to assist you in your discernment. If people are asking you to listen, perhaps you have received the call. Are you aware of your gift?

Beginning in the fall, in year one, you are invited to experience the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in what is called the 19th Annotation Retreat. You will walk with Jesus in your own everyday life experience, over a period of about eight months. Aware that not everyone has the luxury of thirty days, this retreat is designed to afford you the luxury in everyday living.

Your commitment is to pray with a specific scripture passage each day, meeting with your director once a week and journaling your experience in prayer. What you share within the direction session in your response to the question: “What is God saying to you as you pray with the Sacred Word?”

The second year of preparation will be a once-a-week input session (set up in a fourteen week semester both in the fall and the spring) on the many faceted world of spiritual direction.

We will experience the inter-relationship of Theology, Spirituality, Psychology of Human Development and how they interface with our Religious Experience.

The fall semester of the third year, you will explore the dynamics of spiritual direction and supervision. In the spring semester you will participate in an internship which involves a time of directing men and women in prayer, as well as your participation in a peer supervision group and in individual supervision with an experienced supervisor.

Recognizing we are all busy people, let us enter one step at a time, the 19th Annotation Retreat of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and allow God to direct your call to be a contemplative listener.