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Day of Prayer for Men

"Dangerous Prayers"

Dare to live the life you were created for!!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our life in Christ was never meant to be a safe life.  When it comes to loving as we are called, all too often in our lives we choose comfort over putting in the work needed, safety over taking a chance and risking ourselves for the gospel.

Do the words you pray reflect that of a man who is willing to live the gospel life unafraid of the cost to himself?  Because if we're honest, sometimes our words to God are nice, neat, and well packaged, stale at best, placing all the doing on God to heal the world around us, to straighten our path, to heal our lives, and to fix us.

What about OUR part?  Jesus said - "now I am sending you!"  Have we forgotten who we are, have we forgotten who God created us to be?  Maybe, a different prayer stance - maybe a change is needed...

Join us for a day of "dangerous prayer" where what we ask for, is the life of a true disciple, a man who is willing to look closer at the life he offers God, to find the places of change, the place of passion that says "I'm all in" send me!  This is the life that can be found when we learn how to pray dangerously!

Presenters:  James Barker and Michael Dunne

Offering:  $50, includes lunch