Parish Lenten Retreat

For five (5) weeks during Lent, we are offering an opportunity for individuals to make a retreat on a one-to-one with an experienced Spiritual Director.

You will have the choice of one of five different retreat themes depending on your own spiritual journey. 

We will begin with an evening of prayer for the participants, be introduced to the director, time will be set for your one-to-one weekly meeting ending with a group ritual/prayer at the end of the experience prior to Palm Sunday.

Standing before God’s amazing grace within your own heart is a gift!

Are you ready to deepen your personal relationship with God?

Responses from retreatants who experienced the directed prayer retreat in 2019.

"It was a God-filled experience."

"I learned to pray for my own healing and recognize that God was showing me the way to heal."

"I felt close to God it taught me how to listen to God."

"It opened my heart and eyes to God's mercy and forgiveness."

A Team of Spiritual Directors will work with individual parish groups.

Contact: Josephine Daspro