Integrating Spirituality and Everyday Life

Men and Women

Relationship Styles

“Why do you do the things you do?”


October 5 and 19, November 2, 16, 30

10:30 am to 12 noon

Maximum Number 12 participants

“Our relationships start out so beautifully, and next thing we know we’re hurting or being hurt by those around us, especially the ones we love the most. Why does this happen? What are we contributing to the pain? Why, in our relationships, do we do the unhelpful things we do? How can we keep this hurt from happening? And how can we repair the relationship once it has been damaged or we’ve damaged it? Teaching you those secrets is the focus of this program. You can learn why you do the things you do. And you can learn to build and maintain or restore and maintain strong, nurturing, loving relationships with the people closest to you. That’s what God has intended for you all along.”

(Drs. Time Clinton and Gary Sibcy)

Presenter: Josephine Daspro, CSJ

Offering $20.00 per session