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You are invited to Participate 

The Internship in Spiritual Direction takes place in year three of the training program.

During year three in the last semester, each student is asked to practice their skills, within a period of time called an Internship.

If you are interested, it would mean taking time for prayer each day, keeping a journal about what happens in our prayer and meeting with the student intern for ten weeks, once a week.

I realize that you are all very busy; however; this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The time you will be meeting with your student intern is at a mutually agreeable time.

There is no cost for this experience. The person you will be seeing during these ten weeks will also be in supervision.

Supervision is for the director; it assist them as they walk with you.

Spiritual Direction is all about companioning men and women on the spiritual journey. It is an opportunity to speak with someone who will listen attentively to you and not give you advice.

Your conversations are held in strict confidence. The answers to all our struggles and questions come from inside out.

Spiritual Direction is a means of walking along the way with a companion who is also on the journey.

The internship begins in January 2021.

If you are interested in this experience call the office at 631.273-1187 x411 and ask for an application.

Thank you for your generous response, your time and your desire to deepen your relationship with God, others and within yourself.